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No matter your organization’s goals, Kathleen Ronald can boost your business and lift your spirits with any of her 2-12-hour workshops. These interactive, customized presentations empower your audience to change for the better professionally, personally and spiritually.

<empty> The Strategies that Create Customer Service Legends
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Many businesses lose hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in missed-business opportunities due to poor communication skills and unprofessional behavior of employees toward customers. Boost your bottom line without increasing your costs and expand your business by exceeding your customers’ expectations with every interaction. In this empowering seminar, Kathleen will define the critical customer service methodologies necessary to ensure that your income is never lost due to inferior customer service and teach you the core service success methods that have made legends in the retail industry.


<empty> The Secret Strategies of a Networking Queen
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Which would you rather do – go to the dentist for a root canal or go network? In this seminar, Queen Kathleen guides you through the techniques that will turn the pain of networking into fun and make it easy and effortless in creating, developing, keeping and managing your connections.


<empty> There is Always a Way If You Are Committed
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Beliefs drive behaviors. Adopt this critical belief and nothing will stop you! As a “mind chiropractor” Kathleen will adjust your limiting beliefs and give you the tools necessary to be successful. This seminar will inspire you to find or create a way up, over, under, or around to reach your goals.


<empty> Why Wait to Get Cancer – Start Your Life Now
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If you only had a year to live, what would you do differently? Most people wait to be handed a death sentence before they reflect on, think about and act on their lives. This seminar will inspire you to look deep inside yourself and ask the hard questions. Kathleen uses humor and her real-life cancer survival to illustrate practical methods that you can use to start your life now – before a death sentence. You will come away with a refreshed commitment to yourself and the tools to start living the life you have always dreamed about.



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