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Emcee Extraordinaire
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What makes Kathleen different?
Have you ever been to an event with an Emcee where you wished you were at the dentist instead? Have you ever had someone from inside the company awkwardly serve as a facilitator? What's worse: a bad Emcee or no Emcee? Either one may leave a bad impression.

What impression do you want your employees and customers to take away from the event?

photo of Kathleen
Think fun. Think comedy. Think memorable. Think Kathleen Ronald!
photo of Kathleen

She is capable of immersing herself in the corporate culture. People often go away thinking she works for the company.
She conducts interviews to learn the lingo and determine the pulse of the company - making inside jokes that apply to the audience.
She customizes her delivery for each event; her work is never canned.
Kathleen's lively touch is just what any convention, conference or awards banquet needs to bring everything together. Her unforgettable comedic style enlivens every room, leaving people feeling better than when they arrived. She's fresh, she's funny and she delivers a true quality performance every time.
Make the decision to do your convention or event different this time. Hire Kathleen!


Kathleen at SPEAKtacular!
P. O. Box 35503, Los Angeles CA 90035
Phone: 310-633-0411

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